At Crystals Childcare and Preschool, we believe in nurturing children’s natural curiosity and love of learning through play, exploration, and discovery. That’s why we offer an engaging curriculum tailored to different developmental stages as well as fun special events and activities that let kids be kids.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Our little ones will explore the vibrant cultures of Mexico, Spain, Central America, South America, and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean through food, flags, music, and more. Hispanic parents are also welcome to visit and share a bit about their family backgrounds

Cultural Holidays

Crystals Childcare puts its educational spin on holidays families celebrate throughout the year. Instead of just handing out candy and gifts, we use Halloween, Thanksgiving, winter holidays, Valentine’s Day and more as springboards for teaching about history, values, charity, and community.

Seasonal Events

Living in Texas, we get to take full advantage of our mild climate by spending plenty of time outdoors. Our teachers organize various open-air activities tailored to spring, summer, fall, and winter. Some of our upcoming seasonal happenings are:

Spring Carnival and Egg Hunt

When warmer weather returns, so do our playground carnival full of games, prizes, bounce houses, face painting, and a visit from the Easter Bunny! We’ll have an egg hunt for each age group on our playground and garden too.

Water Days

Once outdoor temperatures climb, we’ll break out the slip-n-slides, sprinklers, water tables, pool noodles, and splash pads for some refreshing summer fun. Parents, don’t forget your child’s swimsuit and towel!

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

What better way to usher in the fall than a field trip to a local farm? Children can pick their pumpkins from the vines, go on a hayride, complete corn mazes, visit farm animals, or win prizes at the petting zoo if they dare!

Winter Wonderland

Even with frosty weather outside, our gym transforms into a magical indoor playland with “snowball” fights, “ice” skating, tinsel, and lights galore! We’ll serve hot cocoa, get cozy around a fireplace video, and have a special guest dressed as Ol’ Saint Nick.

Physical Activities

Crystals Childcare helps little bodies stay fit and develop motor skills through games, exercises, and sports tailored to each age group. Some of our regular and upcoming active offerings include:

Playground Time

Our curriculum includes plenty of supervised outdoor free play for all ages – whether on play structures, tricycles, swings, slides, or sandboxes. Our playground promotes coordination, balance, agility, and relationship-building.

Gardening and Nature Walks

Working in our flower/vegetable garden and exploring the local land with all five senses teaches compassion, responsibility, science concepts, and environmental awareness. Kids also benefit from fresh air and sunshine during these outdoor activities.

Fitness Classes

Children aged 3 and up can take engaging exercise classes 3x a week focusing on spatial awareness, balance, flexibility, strength, stamina, and following directions through creative movement. Offerings range from yoga and dance to karate, tumbling, or generic PE-style routines.

Youth Sports

Extracurricular sports classes, teams, and open gym access are available on evenings and weekends. Our sports coaches emphasize teamwork, discipline, technique, and fun through soccer, baseball/softball, football, basketball, volleyball, and other popular sports.

Swimming Lessons

Twice a week, our kids walk over to the nearby community center pool for beginner and intermediate swim instruction, stroke refinement, and water safety training led by Red Cross-certified staff. We also host end-of-year “pool parties.”

Creative Expression

Self-expression through creativity builds self-confidence and cognitive growth in children. Crystals ensure kids have plenty of outlets to channel their imagination in individual or collaborative projects across artistic mediums. Parents are always impressed with the masterpieces that come home

Visual Arts

Creating process-based crafts and artwork rather than cookie-cutter projects allows self-direction – an important part of self-discovery. Children experiment with painting, drawing, clay sculpture, woodworking, sewing, and more with guidance emphasizing effort over outcomes. Pieces are proudly displayed around our halls!

Music Exploration

Singing songs together exposes kids to rhyme schemes, rhythm, melody, and the joy of making music as a group. Instruments like drums, maracas, and tone blocks also strengthen fine motor skills. Aspiring musicians can take piano, guitar, or violin lessons too.


The creative movement teaches balance, coordination, and kinesthetic awareness while allowing children to interpret music however they wish. Kids also gain cultural appreciation through exposure to styles like jazz, hip-hop, ballet, tap, and traditional dances from around the world in occasional workshops.

We foster all elements of early childhood development at Crystals Childcare and Preschool through our well-rounded curriculum and extra experiences. Contact us today at   (432) 687-5904 or to schedule a tour and find out how we can enrich your little one’s world.