Finding reliable, enriching childcare that aligns with your family’s unique needs can be a challenge. At Crystals Childcare and Preschool, we understand that reality. That’s why we offer flexible enrollment options to accommodate families requiring part-time or occasional care.

Whether you need regular part-week care to supplement another childcare arrangement, or the ability to drop-in when schedules shift unexpectedly, Crystals Childcare has you covered. Read on to learn more about our part-time and drop-in care options and why they provide the perfect childcare solution for so many Midland families.

The Case for Part-Time and Drop-In Care

Life throws curveballs. Work schedules change, business trips pop up, school holidays arrive. Even the most consistent families can benefit from childcare flexibility at some point.

Part-time and drop-in care caters to:
– Parents with shifting work schedules who need regular supplements to other care solutions
– Families requiring full-time summer care, with part-time care during the school year
– Those who utilize family members or nannies for childcare but need occasional back-up
– Kids who benefit from social interaction and enrichment a few days a week
– Parents who travel frequently for work and need reliable interim care
– Families with a stay-at-home parent who desires part-time social opportunities for their child

In today’s dynamic world, versatile childcare is a must. Crystals Childcare meets that need with enrollment options tailored to any schedule.

Crystals Childcare’ Part-Time Care Advantage

At Crystals Childcare and Preschool, our part-time toddler, preschool and School Age care programs offer the same enriching curriculum and nurturing approach as our full-time option. The only difference? Your child participates two or three days per week instead of five.

Our part-time programs for kids six weeks to 12 years include:

– Our complete age-appropriate curriculum on chosen days
– The same reliable schedules and nurturing environment
– All meals and snacks on attendance days
– Full participation in special events and activities
– Seamless transition to full-time enrollment if needed Part-time students become part of the fabric of our school, forging friendships and benefiting from stability and continuity across their custom schedules.

Unlike irregular babysitters or piecemeal arrangements, Crystals Childcare’s part-time care provides consistency you can count on. Our administration, policies, safety procedures, staffing ratios, and approaches apply equally regardless of enrollment classification. Your child thrives with reliable teachers and classmates by their side.

Drop-In Care for Those Unpredictable Days

Sometimes you just need reliable childcare in a pinch. That’s where our convenient drop-in option comes in!

Crystals Childcare drop-in care offers a flexible childcare solution for everything from a late meeting at work to a sick nanny. Without the need to enroll, you can rely on our warm, nurturing environment to bridge the gap.

Our drop-in option accommodates families who require care:

– On an occasional, as-needed basis when schedules change
– When a primary childcare arrangement falls through
– For single school holidays or staff development days
– When parents have appointments, business trips, or events

Space permitting, drop-in care accepts children six weeks to 12 years for sound, enriching temporary supervision and engagement. All meals, snacks, and curriculum activities are included in the affordable hourly rate. No matter what the day brings, your child remains happy, supported, and secure at Crystals Childcare.

The Crystals Childcare Experience: Consistent Care that Meets Your Needs

Some childcare centers offer part-time and drop-in care simply to fill spare capacity. At Crystals Childcare, flexible enrollment works in service of each child rather than our bottom line. Our schedules mold to your needs, not the other way around.

That people-centric approach informs everything we do, from staffing ratios to learning goals and emotional support. The same fundamental pillars undergird all our programs:

Safety and Security
Your child remains protected and cared for at all times under our stringent supervision policies and safety practices. We undertake regular hazard checks and emergency drills while requiring thorough background checks for all staff. You can rest assured your little ones remain secure in our hands.

1:1 Nurturing Care
With a ratio of one highly qualified teacher to every four infants and one teacher to every 10 older children, we ensure plentiful nurturing attention across all our flexible programs. Staff get to know each child’s unique needs to support their growth and development.

Enriching Curriculum
Children learn through play! Our curriculum balances instruction and amusement with puzzles, books, arts, crafts and tablet-based games carefully designed to educate different age groups. We shape activities to your child’s schedule so they never miss key learning opportunities.

Seamless Transitions
Students connect with familiar faces and environments across all programs as our staff rotate between classrooms. You can easily transition from part-time to full-days or drop-off for a week confident your child feels comfortable and cared for.

Consistency breeds comfort for little ones. Crystals Childcare’s flexible options allow your child to flourish on a schedule aligned with your family’s ever-changing requirements.

Enrollment Options Tailored to Your Needs

Ready to learn more about our flexible toddler, preschool and School Age programs? Contact us today at (432) 687-5904 or to schedule a tour and discuss days, times and rates

Here’s an at-a-glance look at our part-time and drop-in offerings:

Infants (6 weeks – 17 months)

– Part-time: 2-3 consistent days per week
– Drop-in: As needed hourly care
Toddlers (18 months – 3 years)
– Part-time: 2-3 consistent days per week
– Drop-in: As needed hourly care

Preschool (3 years – 5 years)

– Part-time: 2-3 consistent days per week
– Drop-in: As needed hourly care

School Age (5 years – 12 years)

– Before and/or after school 1-5 days per week
– School holidays, staff development days, conference days
– As needed hourly drop-in care

Space is limited so contact us to learn more and ensure your spot! Parents consistently rave about our warm, compassionate teachers and administration. Your child remains protected, supported and nurtured at Crystals Childcare – on any schedule your family requires. We can’t wait to customize the perfect flexible childcare arrangement for your exceptional kiddo.