As a parent in Midland, finding reliable, flexible childcare that meets your family’s needs can feel like an impossible task. You likely juggle a busy work schedule along with your children’s changing schedules. The unpredictability of life with kids makes finding consistent care a challenge.

The good news? Quality, adaptable childcare options do exist in Midland. Crystals Childcare and Preschool offers flexible enrollment, extended hours, and customized programming to support busy families.

Understanding Midland Parents’ Childcare Needs

Midland parents know the strain of balancing work, household duties, child-rearing obligations, and beyond. You need a village of support. While relatives, friends, or neighbors may help occasionally, their availability is not always reliable long-term.

As your children grow, their schedules shift too. One month they need before-school care, the next they need aftercare. Maybe you have multiple kids with varying needs. Or your work schedule changes regularly. Perhaps you’re a single parent doing it all. The point is – flexibility is paramount when it comes to childcare.

The typical weekday childcare center catering to 9-5 office jobs simply doesn’t cut it for most Midland households’ realities. You need a provider who understands the unpredictability of raising a family and adapts programming accordingly.

The Case for Crystal Childcare and Preschool

This is where Crystals Childcare and Preschool step in. Our center offers the flexible enrollment options, extended operating hours, and well-rounded curriculums today’s Midland families require.

For over a decade, we’ve specialized in customizable childcare catering to children as young as 18 months to 12 years old. We maintain an up-to-date 4,500 sq ft facility loaded with enrichment tools facilitating learning through play. Our prime location offers easy highway access so parents can conveniently drop off and pick up kids.

Most importantly, we build adaptable care plans tailored to each child’s needs. Enrollment options, operating hours, and programming flex to accommodate your family’s reality – not the other way around.

Flexible Enrollment Options

At Crystals Childcare and Preschool, we accept children on a full-time weekly basis, part-week basis, and drop-in basis. This enrollment flexibility lets us serve diverse Midland families’ unique needs.

Full-Time Enrollment

Full-time enrollment means your child(ren) attends our center daily, Monday through Friday. This offers complete continuity of care with a regular routine and curriculum. Kids thrive on consistency, so full-time enrollment facilitates forming friendships and solidifying lessons.

We offer full-timers access to both our full-day program (up to 10 hours of care daily) and our
half-day program (up to 5 consecutive hours of care daily).

Part-Week Enrollment

We understand not all Midland parents need full-time care. Some may have shifting weekly schedules. Or perhaps you share custody of your child and trade-off care days. In these cases, part-week enrollment allows your child to attend our center 2-4 days weekly.

Part-week enrollment provides continuity for kids on their designated days. Children still participate in lessons and activities. Just with a more flexible weekly schedule accommodating families’ needs.

Drop-In Enrollment

For maximum flexibility, we offer drop-in enrollment for families utilizing care on an occasional, as-needed basis. You can schedule single-day visits or short-notice care when other arrangements fall through.

While drop-ins mean your child misses some lessons and friendship-building opportunities, we still integrate them as much as possible. And you gain the ability to use our center whenever a need arises.

Extended Operating Hours

Accommodating modern Midland parents’ long and irregular work hours, our childcare center operates from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. This gives you a 12-hour window for drop-offs and pick-ups. We open earlier and close later than traditional childcare facilities.

Whether you have early shifts, late meetings or anything in between, our extended hours enable school-aged kids to attend our center before and after attending their regular elementary school. No more struggling when the school bell rings but your workday continues.

We also offer these expanded hours to toddlers and preschoolers. Early risers can take advantage of our morning times. And we provide after-work care for children with parents grinding out long days. Our consistent presence from breakfast through dinner makes coordinating care for little ones more manageable.

Customizable Programming

In addition to flexible enrollment formats, Crystals Childcare and Preschool customizes actual in-classroom curriculums based on children’s ages and needed support. We focus on nurturing kids’ intellectual, physical, and emotional development – whatever their individual capacities and challenges.

Some examples of our customizable program include:

Enrichment Calendars: We provide monthly calendars detailing lessons and activities tailored to different age groups. These evolve based on children’s interests so content stays engaging.

Message Boards: Parents receive daily message board updates covering their child’s progress and any relevant alerts. This facilitates open communication so both our staff and Midland parents stay informed.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: We offer periodic parent-teacher conferences allowing for two-way conversations on optimizing your child’s advancement. This allows both parents and our educators to share insights.
In general, our programming adapts to capitalize on children’s natural curiosity rather than taking a strict one-size-fits-all approach. We value kids’ unique identities, strengths, and growth opportunities to help each other thrive.

The Perks of Choosing Crystals

Opting for flexible childcare through Crystals Childcare and Preschool rewards Midland parents with worry-free benefits including:

Reliable Care: Our customizable enrollment and extended operating hours mean you
can consistently rely on our center.
Child Safety: We conduct employee background checks and keep staff rigorously
trained in CPR/first aid for added security.

Enriching Environment: Our state-of-the-art, 4,500 square foot facility teems with
age-appropriate learning tools facilitating growth.

Reasonable Rates: Despite top-notch offerings, our services remain affordably priced
because children come first.

Parent Peace of Mind: With your child in capable hands, you enjoy the freedom to
tackle your numerous other responsibilities.

By partnering with Crystals Childcare and Preschool for your childcare needs, Midland parents gain that village of support vital for balancing a thriving career and family. Lean on us so you can lean into enjoying parenthood’s precious moments without added worries

Reach out now at (432) 687-5904 OR to book a tour at our conveniently located center. Check out the flexibility firsthand while gathering info to determine if our customizable care solutions suit your household’s reality. Here’s to easing your load so you can appreciate each chapter of your child’s journey