As a parent, you want nothing more than to set your child up for success in life. An important first step is enrolling them in a high-quality early childhood education program. Research shows that the first five years are critical for brain development, impacting social skills, cognition, and emotional regulation. Children who attend preschool enter kindergarten more prepared to thrive academically and socially.

At Crystals Childcare and Preschool, we understand the tremendous positive impact early learning has on a child’s future. For over 10 years, our before and after-school programs have nurtured the growth and development of children ages 18 months to 12 years. Located in Midland, TX, we provide a safe, secure, and loving environment where children can freely embrace their curiosity through play and exploration.

Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education delivers immense benefits that extend well beyond primary school. The nurturing guidance children receive during these formative years leads to advantageous outcomes including:

Enhanced Literacy & Numeracy 

Early exposure to reading, writing, and arithmetic establishes vital foundations for core skills. Preschool equips children with essential literacy competencies such as phonics, vocabulary and comprehension. Additionally, exploring mathematical concepts like sorting, matching, counting and shapes primes young minds for success in STEM.  

Improved Social & Emotional Growth

Preschool cultivates critical social-emotional intelligence including cooperation, relationship-building and self-regulation. Interacting with teachers and peers expands a child’s ability to communicate thoughts and feelings. This boosts confidence while learning valuable behaviors that transfer positively to kindergarten classrooms and beyond.

Higher Educational Achievement

Children enrolled in early education programs are more likely to experience higher levels of academic success compared to peers lacking preschool experience. In fact, studies reveal they score better on math and reading achievement tests from kindergarten through elementary grades.

Enriched Cognitive Abilities

Early stimulation of young brains forges strong neural connections that enhance focus, critical analysis, and problem-solving skills. Preschool equips children with the cognitive tools required to process information, think innovatively, and sharpen decision-making abilities.  

Reduced Risk of Developmental Delay

By monitoring key indicators during critical windows, teachers can detect early signs of potential developmental delays. Early intervention enables specialists to provide supportive resources, accommodations, and therapies to nurture progress.

The Crystals Childcare: A Whole-Child Approach to Early Learning

Why choose Crystals Childcare for your child’s early education? Our whole-child educational philosophy and enriching programs set us apart. Comprised of seasoned teachers and accredited by top organizations, we create customized learning plans to support every child’s unique needs. 

Age-Appropriate Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on core competencies in literacy, math, science, arts, and technology. Additionally, units on social awareness, diversity, health, and nature cultivated rich learning across disciplines. With small classes grouped by age, lesson plans align with the precise developmental stage of students. Whether participating in storytime, solving puzzles, or conducting science experiments, activities unlock the natural curiosity and creativity within each child.  

Outdoor Learning through Nature Play 

At Crystals Childcare, we embrace the physical, mental, and social-emotional benefits linked to outdoor play and hands-on learning in natural environments. Our playground features multiple stations to climb, jump, ride, and explore while nature walks facilitate the investigation of plants and wildlife. Unstructured outdoor time inspires imaginative play and sensory integration while building confidence, balance, and coordination skills.

Art, Music, and Theater Arts

Expressing ideas through creativity promotes cognitive, fine motor, and literacy skills essential for scholastic development. Our art studio offers a spectrum of mediums for children to illustrate their perspectives. Aspiring performers act, dance, and sing in theatrical productions. Through instruments and songs, music education nurtures listening abilities, timing, math, and cooperation.

Nutritious Meals

Proper nutrition is vital to health, development, and academic achievement in early childhood. Our in-house chef designs menus utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients to provide well-balanced, kid-approved meals each day. The staff teaches students about making nutritious choices while accommodating specialized diets.

Technology Education 

From coding and keyboards to digital art, technology powers young minds. Our STEAM lab features a fleet of computers alongside manipulatives like Bee-Bots, Legos, and building blocks. With guidance, students utilize programs to reinforce academic concepts through game-based learning. These digital literacy skills prepare children to navigate an increasingly technology-driven society.  

Safety and Security

As trusted caregivers, ensuring a secure environment is our utmost priority. Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes encrypted door access, entry buzzers, and an extensive camera system monitored continuously by staff. All team members undergo thorough background checks, CPR/first aid certification and consistently uphold rigorous safety protocols.  

Specialized Support Services

Our inclusive setting embraces children at all ability levels. For students requiring developmental support, we coordinate specialized services including physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Individualized education programs help students with learning differences fully engage. Support staff assists families in accessing external resources to foster ongoing progress.

Growing With Your Child: Infants to School-Age

As a proud partner from the critical infant-toddler phase through the school-age years, Crystals nurtures your child every step of the way with:

  •       Infant Care: Bonding through play, language, and motor skill-building 
  •       Toddler Care: Exploring the world through sensory and social activities
  •       Preschool: Advancing literacy, STEM, and school readiness skills
  •     Pre-Kindergarten: Mastering essential academic competencies  
  •       Before/After School Programs: Reinforcing growth with homework help and engaging enrichment

Whether you seek part-time or full-time care, year-round or single-track, our warm, supportive teachers build strong connections with each child and family. As needs evolve, we remain your child’s trusted launching pad for achievement from infancy and beyond.  

Invest in Your Child’s Future

Decades of research confirm that early childhood education yields significant short and long-term advantages. Children who attend preschool demonstrate stronger academic performance, social skills, and emotional development compared to peers lacking initial school exposure. These benefits compound exponentially over time, setting the stage for flourishing futures. 

At Crystals Childcare and Preschool, our goal is to nurture your child’s fullest potential across every dimension of development. Our skilled teachers incorporate play-based learning using age-appropriate, evidence-backed techniques tailored to fuel curiosity and inspire young minds. 

Take the first step by scheduling a tour to see firsthand how our stimulating programs help your child gain confidence, knowledge, and vital skills during the foundational early years. Discover why families trust Crystals Childcare and Preschool as Midland’s premier early childhood education center and trusted before/after school provider for over a decade. Call  (432) 687-5904 to learn more about enrollment opportunities customized to your child’s needs.