At Crystals Childcare and Preschool, the safety and wellbeing of every child in our care is our top priority. We believe that children learn best when they feel completely secure, allowing their natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning to blossom.

As part of our unwavering commitment to safety, we implement rigorous background checks for all prospective employees. We also provide ongoing training to ensure our staff is equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to maintain a safe, nurturing environment where our children can thrive.

Comprehensive Background Screening

We leave no stone unturned when screening prospective staff members. Our rigorous background checks include:

– National criminal record checks – Fingerprinting

– Checks of the National Sex Offender Registry

– Confirmation of academic credentials

– Verification of a minimum 2 years of relevant professional experience

– Reference checks with at least 2 previous childcare employers

This comprehensive screening process allows us to evaluate candidates thoroughly before they are allowed to work with the children under our care.We aim to eliminate any possibility of dangerous or unqualified individuals gaining access.

Our dedication to safety also involves regularly repeating background checks for existing employees to ensure no new causes for concern arise. We want parents to feel completely confident in the character and quality of any staff member interacting with their child.

Extensive Childcare Training

n addition to our stringent background checks, we invest heavily in training to equip our teachers and assistants with extensive knowledge of safety protocols, educational approaches, and child development. All new hires must complete a 20-hour introductory course before they can begin work. This covers areas such as:

– Creating safe environments

-Positive behavior management

– Constructive conflict resolution

– Recognizing signs of emotional distress

– Fostering healthy social-emotional growth

Thereafter, teachers and staff must complete at least 15 hours per year of continuing education. We bring in child psychology experts, children’s counselors, pediatric first aid trainers, and other specialists to enrich their understanding of childhood learning and behaviors.

Topics include identifying learning disabilities, nurturing self-esteem, addressing bullying, managing childhood anxiety, applying appropriate disciplinary measures, and more.

Extra Safety Protocols

In addition to rigorous screening procedures and ongoing training, we have implemented extra protocols and practices to enhance safety:

Strict Sign-In/Sign-Out Procedures
We maintain precise documentation of all children’s arrivals and departures, only releasing them to pre-authorized adults.

Security Cameras
Cameras monitor indoor and outdoor areas, allowing administrators to oversee staff interactions and respond quickly to any incidents.

Controlled Access
We utilize secure access cards and codes, limiting entry to authorized staff and guardians only.

Visitor Management Unexpected visitors must provide ID and confirm the purpose of their visit before gaining admittance. No adult has unsupervised access to children.

Daily Safety Inspections
We perform morning checks of all facilities, toys, and equipment, looking for any potential hazards that could lead to injury or illness.

First Aid Certification
All staff members must have current first aid and CPR certification so we can address any minor medical emergencies quickly.

We also conduct regular fire and emergency drills, have detailed emergency response plans, and maintain well-stocked first aid kits.

Our Values: Integrity, Trust, and Care

By prioritizing rigorous screening, training, and safety protocols, our goal is for the children under our care to feel utterly at ease. We want their days with us to be filled with laughter, discovery, friendship, and joyful learning adventures.

Safety is never sacrificed for convenience or cost savings at Crystals Childcare and Preschool. We are wholly committed to living up to the trust that parents place in us by enrolling their precious children into our programs.

Every staff member values building an open, honest, and caring relationship with both parents and children. We maintain constant communication and welcome any questions or feedback.

As our center continues to grow, our dedication to children’s growth and protection will remain steadfast. We want this to be a home away from home where imagination flourishes, potential is nurtured, and children have the freedom to just be children.

From enrollment to graduation, we take great pride in giving parents the peace of mind that comes from knowing their child is safe, respected, and cared for. Please feel free to schedule a visit anytime to see our child safety commitments in action. We can’t wait for you and your child to become part of the Crystals Childcare family.