As parents, we all want the very best for our children – to nurture their growth in a safe, caring, and stimulating environment where they can thrive. This guiding principle is at the heart of everything we do at Crystals Childcare and Preschool. 

Safety First Culture 

When you entrust your child to the care of others, peace of mind is essential. At Crystals Childcare and Preschool, we make safety our number one priority. Our state-of-the-art facility was designed with safety in mind, and equipped with features to prevent accidents and minimize risks. 

Our proprietary child safety system includes secure access doors, childproof safety latches, protected plug sockets, and safe stairs/ramps. We only use non-toxic art supplies and rigorously inspect all toys and play equipment. Outdoor play areas feature shock-absorbing surfaces and safe, age-appropriate equipment. 

Staff Training and Preparedness 

Of course, the physical safety features are only part of the equation. Equally important are the experienced, nurturing teachers and staff who supervise the children. Our teachers complete a 35+ hour early childcare training program covering safety protocols, supervision techniques, accident prevention, and first aid/CPR. 

All staff undergo thorough background checks and fingerprinting per state childcare licensing regulations. We constantly evaluate and refine our safety policies through staff meetings, workplace audits, and parent feedback surveys. Regular fire/emergency drills ensure preparedness. 

Health and Wellness 

Childhood is a time of growth and wonder. This is why Crystals Childcare and Preschool emphasizes healthy foods, exercise, and hygiene as part of a balanced curriculum. We provide nutritious meals and snacks designed by a licensed nutritionist within our on-site kitchen. The menu accommodates various dietary needs and restrictions. 

Our spacious, air-conditioned classrooms receive abundant natural light. The weekly schedule includes physical education – both indoors and outdoors. We monitor illnesses closely and notify parents of any outbreaks. The staff teaches and models good hygiene practices like hand washing.

Nurturing Care 

Of course, safety and security mean far more than just physical well-being. Equally important is nurturing care for your child’s emotional, social, and intellectual development. Our warm, supportive teachers encourage children to be creative, and curious and form healthy friendships. 

We foster positive social-emotional growth through activities like arts, music, and cooperative play. Children learn good values and conflict-resolution skills. We help build self-confidence, empathy, and cultural/racial harmony. 

Enriching Activities 

The preschool years are full of teachable moments to set your child up for future academic success. Our curriculum aligns with state early learning standards across subjects like reading, math, science, arts, and social studies. We make learning fun through educational games, stories, experiments, and more! Tablets and other tools supplement hands-on lessons. Our flexible signup options allow customization for your child’s needs and schedule. We’re here to help your child Explore. Learn. Grow! 

Security Cameras 

A key component of our safety protocol is a state-of-the-art closed-circuit camera system monitoring indoor and outdoor zones. Access to live feeds and recorded footage is strictly limited to authorized personnel only. We notify parents and licensing staff of any incidents captured on video. The cameras serve as a deterrent and accountability tool.

ID Badges and Entry Management 

All Crystals staff wear ID badges with lanyards while on duty so parents and children can easily identify employees. Entry into our secure areas requires an electronic keycard issued to authorized staff only. We maintain detailed logs of all facility access, drops, and pickups. Visitors must be authorized and accompanied. 

Incident Reporting 

While we emphasize proactive risk reduction through safety best practices, we also have clear protocols for addressing any accidents or injuries. All incidents trigger immediate notification to parents along with details, photos, and witness statements as applicable. We conduct thorough investigations, identify causes, and strengthen controls to prevent recurrence.

Adherence to State Licensing 

Our operations adhere to the stringent safety and security protocols mandated under the State of Texas Health and Human Services child care center minimum standards. We maintain our good standing through regular inspections and anomaly resolution. Parents can look up our license status online for additional assurance. 

Insurance Protections 

In addition to preventative safety precautions, we also have various contingency plans in place. Our general liability insurance and umbrella policies protect enrolled children on premises or while under direct staff supervision. Parents must sign standard consent/waiver documents upon admission. 

Priority on Trust 

At Crystals Childcare, nurturing relationships built on trust are the foundation of our caring programs. We encourage parents to visit, ask questions, and participate in assessments. Your feedback allows us to continually strengthen safety practices as regulations, risks, and operational knowledge evolve. 

When you enroll your child at Crystals Childcare and Preschool, you become part of a special community based on shared priority – giving children a safe place to play, learn, grow, and shine their brightest! We look forward to welcoming your family. Please call  (432) 687-5904  to schedule a visit at our state-of-the-art Midland facility.