Finding reliable, quality childcare that actually fits your schedule as a busy parent is truly a struggle. The logistics of drop off, pick up, and everything in between while juggling your job, family commitments, and other responsibilities often leave you feeling overwhelmed and spread impossibly thin.

But what if your child’s school or daycare center made life easier for you—not harder? What if they offered the educational enrichment you want for your kids while also providing the flexibility your family realistically needs? That’s exactly why Crystals Childcare and Preschool’s extended hours truly make all the difference for busy Midland families.

Built for Modern Parents and Kids

As one of the few preschools in Midland catering to children from 18 months to 12 years old, Crystals Childcare recognizes the unique needs facing parents today. We want to give your kids the best early education possible while also giving you reliable coverage you can count on, even with shifting schedules.

That’s why we’re open extra early and extra late at least 12 hours daily. We open at 6 AM to allow you to drop kids off before work and pick them up anytime before 6 PM if needed. Whether you’re dealing with traffic, a big project at the office, or appointments to juggle, you’ll appreciate the flexibility. Kids benefit from more time socializing and learning too!

Staff to Meet High Safety Standards Around the Clock

Rest assured that whenever you drop off or pick up your kids, our center meets rigorous safety criteria 24/7 thanks to state-of-the-art facilities, employee background checks, CPR training protocols, and more. There’s a 1:4 staff-to-child ratio at all times, well-exceeding Texas state regulations. Teachers nurture kids with care and support their natural curiosity.

Your child stays actively engaged with learning games and playtime even with extended hours. And staff make time for homework help, healthy snacks and meals, and other enrichment as well. You truly get the reliable quality care your family needs, even when you need to lean on our center a bit more.

Learning Never Stops with Extended Time
Modern tablets, tools, and toys tailored for all age groups mean we turn extra hours into valuable learning opportunities. Kids can participate in fun, age-appropriate activities that support cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development at every stage.

Whether it’s imaginative playtime for toddlers, STEM for elementary students, or leadership opportunities for preteens, children can progress while also just being kids in a welcoming environment. Your child may even make new friends with extra time for meaningful peer interaction!

Affordability for Every Family’s Needs
As much as we invest in education and safety measures, Crystals Childcare and Preschool maintains reasonable rates to accommodate Midland families. We provide multiple flexible enrollment options including full-time care, part-week, and even hourly drop-in spots to help parents affordably manage shifting schedules and commitments.

Many families find our monthly packages create helpful childcare budget predictability too compared to losing income or paying a babysitter last minute when sudden work demands pop up. We even offer tiered tuition discounts for the military, educators, medical professionals, and multi-child families. Check our website for details!

Childcare Should Bring Less Stress, Not More
Let’s be honest, as parents we carry enough daily stress without adding childcare headaches! But Crystals Childcare and Preschool provides a true partner you can depend on and trust with extended hours, exceptionally trained staff, and an educational experience customized to your child’s needs and schedule.

The enrichment we facilitate goes beyond traditional academics to nurture better life skills, emotional intelligence, creativity, and relationships to shape tomorrow’s thoughtful leaders. And we help make your life easier, not harder.

Experience how Crystals Childcare’ extended hours allow your child to flourish while giving your family much-needed flexibility firsthand. Tour our state-of-the-art facility anytime – we’ll be open! Reach out now online or  (432) 687-5904 to learn more about enrollment options personalized for your family’s needs today. Let us bring less stress and more positivity into your busy world